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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is an era of professional parents possible?

A smaller number of families in the future could possibly raise their own biological children and be replaced by a system of professional parents performing the traditional childbearing function. Raising children successfully requires an actual skill that the masses arguably do not possess in adequate measure. Yet anyone regardless of their mental or moral qualification will attempt to raise their children as long as it is their biological offspring. It continues to be performed by the indomitable amateur ranks though.
Consider the present cracks in the system and the post super industrial revolution and the increase of juvenile delinquents in all economies, we could seriously challenge the relevance of these old misfit caretakers. There are certainly better ways of coping with this problem but professional parenting deserves to be evaluated in an era of specialization especially as there is a pent up demand for such an innovation.
Would today’s biological parents gladly surrender their children to these professionals as Alvin Toffler suggested in his phenomenal Future Shock? And would it be considered an act of love rather than rejection? These parental professionals would be actual family units assigned to rearing children. Families could be multi-generational by design offering children an opportunity to observe and learn from a variety of adult models. The professional family would induct new children as old ones “graduate” in order to eliminate age segregation.
Society would then breed a wide diversity of genetic types and have their children nurtured by mother-father groups who are equipped, intellectually and emotionally, for the task of having a wholesome and fulfilling childhood. How long will the traditional family facing the constant pressure of change act as a shock absorber in a post industrial age of novelty and perhaps succumb to this experimental model?

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