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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Manchester United vs. Real Madrid: A night of controversy

Tuesday’s highly anticipated game between Manchester United and Real Madrid will be sadly remembered for the controversial sending off of the mercurial midfielder Nani. As a stolid neutral it was brazenly marred by a hasty decision by an official that showed a red first and enthusiasts of this football special generally agree that he did not deserve the sending off. Furthermore, in the 62nd minute after Raphael Varane’s close range header was headed into the back of the net before it hit off Rafael’s arm it spun clear of the goal and none of the officials saw it to have judged it as foul worthy and play resumed. Before the start of the match stalwart Wayne Rooney had been left of the side which should be raising questions about his future at the club. His wife Colleen then delivered a riposte by her tweet stating that she could not believe that he was left out. We all know what the final result was and was by no means a fulfilling football outing for both sides. It was a game that Mourinho had so adeptly described as “The world will stop to watch the tie” but later added that “We didn’t play well. We didn’t deserve to win.”

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