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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Top Christmas Songs For Your Office Christmas Party

After a year's hard work at the office, everyone just wishes to relax and enjoy the annual Christmas party. Organising a fun, universal and relaxing party is the best way to show your gratitude. After organising the venue, food, drink, the DJ and invitations, next all you need to do is choose the music for your Christmas party. To help you choose, here's a few of the best and probably cheesiest songs out there to get your staff boogieing the night away.
Music is vital to creating the party atmosphere. Remember, there's going to be a mixture of people there, from all ages and backgrounds, so keep to the familiar, popular tunes, which most people like. But bear in mind, you can't please everyone, so don't get upset if your staff don't enjoy all the music chosen. Moreover, keep the music varied, so that there is a mixture of lively and chilled music.
It's without a doubt that Christmas songs provide that Christmassy atmosphere and get people into the mood of Christmas. Here's a few of the favourite Christmas songs of all time, recommended by Christmas song lovers, for your office Christmas party.
Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is you is a key tune that will get your colleagues dancing together with dramatic arm movements after a tipple or two. Wham's Last Christmas will get all those romantics up on the dance floor for a romantic dance. More classics like Bruce Springsteen's Santa Clause is comin' to town, Boney M's Mary's Boy Child and the Eurythmic's Winter Wonderland will get the young and the much more mature dancing on the dance floor.
Another few songs that definitely can't be missed out of any Christmas party are Slades' Merry Christmas Everybody and Shane MacGowan and Kristy MacColl (Pogues) Fairytale of New York, which are without a doubt the perfect songs for the finale!
Music is a great way to get your staff together and set that party mood, so select you music carefully. You want music that everyone is likely to know, so choose a mixture of classic and current popular tunes.
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