The new media does not feed us fully formed chunks, but broken chips and blips of imagery. We are required to piece an identity together to create a configurative or modular personality. This explains why so many millions are desperately searching for an identity.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doing something memorable each day

When last did you change your routine and succumb to that nagging impulse to do something new? Break away from those repeatative cycles during the agonizing 9 to 5 may be as difficult as we make it. It certainly changes the way we feel about ourselves and life itself. We will need to break free from the daily doldrums and inject some excitement into our routine. We can simply begin by having that one new experience every day. This is where the possibilities become endless and encourages the individual to think laterally and embrace open mindedness. How about not reacting when someone shouts at you? Starting an interesting hobby perhaps? Or taking a different route to work? Life is now as you will never get today again. These new experiences can particularly become important when we age as they tend to take more time to process, making time appear to last longer. The more familiar and mundane the world becomes the less information our brains record and it seems that time is passing at a quiker rate. Hence, when we are older we will probably wish to slow down the years. It is not our age that becomes the problem but the continuous processing of familiar information.

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