The new media does not feed us fully formed chunks, but broken chips and blips of imagery. We are required to piece an identity together to create a configurative or modular personality. This explains why so many millions are desperately searching for an identity.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Everybody needs a SideKick!

Surviving on the next level of lifestyle trending usually requires innovation to stave off any unintentional attempts at social suicide, no matter how insignificant.  The SideKick shot glass revolution enters the social scene, providing a platform of self-expression, art and ultimately fun.
The SideKick allows the socialite to savour any edible or non-edible condiment placed in the removable bottom section while the drink of choice serves as a catalyst to this social experiment.  Options added include  jalopenos,  habenero peppers, bacon, dry ice, cherry jelly beans even a glow stick or flashing LED.  In essence, your favourite drink, no matter how mediocre, could be transformed into a mixologist’s  masterpiece.

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