The new media does not feed us fully formed chunks, but broken chips and blips of imagery. We are required to piece an identity together to create a configurative or modular personality. This explains why so many millions are desperately searching for an identity.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

TVNSPORTS coverage of the ICC World Cup

Sports coverage has split into ever-multiplying, ever-changing sets of mini-markets that demand a continually expanding range of options, models, types, sizes, colours and customizations. Sports entertainment, as most sporting codes have evolved into, reflects the growing diversity of actual needs, values and lifestyles in a socially diverse society. Audiences around the world have de-massified deviating from the dated mass culture approach. Countries with a strong criket culture can now be able to view the ICC World Cup using advanced streaming technology on their PC. Highly recommended for cricket fans around the world.

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